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Meditation Courses

Monthly Meditation Courses 2024

03. – 19. August 2024 (2 places available)
14. – 30. September 2024 (2 places available)
12. – 27. October 2024 (1 place available)
16. – 27. November 2024 (3 places available)

General Information

A basic course lasts 15 days.

A retreat lasts 10 days (for all those who have already completed the basic course)

There is also the possibility to only participate for a couple of days.

Arrival time by arrangement.

Breakfast will be served at 6.30 a.m. and lunch at 11.00 a.m. As for drinks, water and tea will be available. The meals are vegetarian.

All members should follow the 8 Buddhist rules during their stay:

  1. I will abstain from killing,
  2. I will abstain from taking something, that is not given to me,
  3. I will abstain from amoral desire,
  4. I will abstain from lying,
  5. I will abstain befuddling drinks and drugs,
  6. I will abstain from eating later than 12 a clock,
  7. I will abstain from dancing, singing, jewelry, cosmetics and entertainment,
  8. I will abstain sleeping at comfortable beds

When the course starts, all participants practice “noble silence“.

In form of daily talks (report), in which exercise instructions will be handed out each participant will be individually supervised by a teacher

Registration information:

  • The Mediation Center is always open which means that you can start your course at any time as far as places are available.
  • Please inquire about your desired course time via our contact page
  • To register please send your full name, e-mail address, telephone number and postal address
  • As for initial registration there is an additional arrangement, see “Initial registration”

Participation fee:

Donation is base of participation in the course. The amount of voluntary donation for the teacher, travel costs of teacher and food for yourself during the retreat depend on the financial potential of the participant. That follows the Buddhist tradition which says the value of the Buddhist doctrine can’t be balanced with money.
Teacher and organizer need money for their own livelihood, for the costs of the course and to maintain the center.
Donation and generosity are parts of the spiritual practice. Donation and generosity helps to conserve the Buddhist doctrine and enables everyone to come in contact with.
Please be aware that “Dana” can only be paid cash since we don’t accept debit or credit cards.

“Dana” means gift and generosity.
It encompasses the support of those who unselfishly and openly give their time and knowledge to teach the path of calm, insight and compassionate action.
Dana is a way of thanksgiving: a spontaneous grateful offering which stems from the appreciation of that which was received.
Such generosity cannot be forced. It simply opens when the tree of mindfulness blossoms and finally bears fruit.

Please bring along:

  • Digital alarm clock or timer (no mobile please)
  • Comfortable clothing (preferably white or light-colored)
  • Slippers
  • Thermos flask
  • Towels
  • Bed linens (Sheets, duvet cover, pillowcase)
  • Meditation pillow and underlay or blanket, flowers for the shrine/opening ceremony (white or light colored)
  • Money for ‚dana‘


The Teacher is not responsible for physical and mental damages which can occur during the course.

The meditation center assumes no liability for accidents, particularly property damage and/ or personal injury. The entrance and the stay on the property, as well as the participation in course is solely at your own risk.

Initial registration:

When registration for a basic course we ask you to pay a preliminary charge of € 100,00 to avoid failed login. This fee will be fully reimbursed upon arrival at the Meditation Center.

If you cancel up to 5 days prior to the event, we will still transfer the full amount back to your account.

For cancellations from 4 days prior to the day of arrival  we retain 50% of the fee.

For non-appearance without further notice we train the full amount.